If you’re looking for a career where you can work outside and gain knowledge that will help you advance, Teed & Brown could be the company for you.


We are looking for hard working people who want to learn and like working outdoors. At Teed & Brown, we are dedicated to giving our employees the chance to have a career in turfgrass management, not just a job, and to providing critical educational opportunities for Turfgrass Professionals to expand their knowledge.

Our program is designed to give you access to classes, certifications, degrees, and experiences that you will not get elsewhere. If you take full advantage of what we offer, you can be more qualified than most lawncare professionals within a couple of years.


Teed & Brown strives to create an exciting, challenging, and rewarding work environment that allows you to flourish. As a dynamic company, we offer many career opportunities. We want you to build a long and successful association with Teed & Brown and be a happy and productive member of our team. Through your dedication, creativity, perseverance, and efforts, our company will continue to grow.


6 – 18 months
18 months – 2 years
2 – 5 years
5 – 10+ years


Teed & Brown Lawn Care professionals combine science with practical knowledge to design and implement a comprehensive lawn care program. This unique combination, paired with excellent service, makes our work distinctive and special to customers. The result: absolutely gorgeous lawns throughout Connecticut, worthy of being called Teed & Brown lawns.

Teed & Brown is proud to serve distinctive homes in and around the Fairfield, Connecticut area. As we grow, we are opening franchises in other distinctive neighborhoods around the country.


We are a fast-growing, active company that requires a lot of focus and hard work from our team, but we don’t expect or want you to devote all of your time to your career. Family, friends, and personal interests are some of the most important parts of everyone’s life. We believe if you work hard to achieve success, you should be able to enjoy the results. At Teed & Brown we want you to enjoy your evenings and weekends; we only work about 12-16 Saturdays a year and we will never require working on a Sunday.


We are constantly striving to make Teed & Brown a better place to work. We care about our employees and show that by offering a variety of employee benefits. During your first year of employment, you quality for health insurance with structured payments, so you’re covered year-round. You will also qualify for flex days to use when you are sick or for paid time off. When you come back for your second year with Teed & Brown you qualify for an employer-paid gym membership, you can plan for your future by enrolling in our 401K plan with an employer match, and much more.